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Making BIM real using best practice, cross industry alignment and innovation for the benefit of everyone in UK Rail

Members are encouraged to utilise this mission statement as much as possible in their communications within the industry (e.g. email signature).


1. Implement the mission of BIM4Rail within the rail industry.

2. Promote rail related case studies, which demonstrate best practice and the integrated management of information across all stages of the asset lifecycle.

3. Share knowledge and learning between members and collaborate in the production of guidance and best practice with the UK BIM Alliance.

4. Identify and address technical and acceptance challenges for the implementation of BIM in the rail industry. 

5. Coordinate the activities of BIM4Rail with other BIM4 Groups, in particular

6. BIM4Infrastructure and any related sub-groups (e.g. BIM4Water, BIM4Highways etc.).

7. Align with and support the activities of the UK BIM Alliance as the representative body for BIM4 Groups in the UK.

8. Collectively represent the rail industry when collaborating with Government, industry bodies and commercial organisations, on matters relating to BIM.


BIM4Rail welcomes any individuals and organisations who wish to implement BIM in the UK rail industry as well as interested parties from outside the rail industry and the UK.  


A register will kept of all BIM4Rail members starting from 03/10/2016 (next AGM). Membership if free subject to acceptance of the membership agreement, which is aligned to the membership agreement of BIM4 Instructure UK (BIM4IUK).


The membership of management committee shall be based on nomination by the group membership and subject to an Annual General Meeting (AGM) vote.  


Any sub-group will be nominated and managed by the management committee and will consist of selected group members to meet the objectives and priorities of the sub-group. 


BIM4Rail is a member of the UK BIM Alliance.


It will be self-governed but aligned with BIM4Infrastructure (UK) and the UK BIM Alliance in the terms of Reference and Goals.


The Management Committee and Strategic Advisory Group will ensure the group follows the terms of reference and recommend and improvements or updates at each AGM.

The management committee shall be elected by the members of BIM4Rail and will be re-elected at each AGM.

The role of the chairman will be to chair meetings of the committee, establish the agenda and represent the views of the committee as appropriate. The role of the vice-chairman will be to deputise for the chairman when necessary and to represent the views of the group as appropriate. The management committee members are responsible for their own internal organisational management reporting. 


Management committee members represent their organisation as part of their existing working arrangements. The group has no direct budget and seek sponsorship opportunities for communications and events support. A register will be kept for all such sponsorship provided.

BIM4Rail may look for funding opportunities to deliver on goals, in particular technical and acceptance challenges. This may involve working in collaboration with other BIM4 groups and the UK BIM Alliance on funded research projects, as well as working with academia or partner with industry organisations.

If the group is required to hold funds then an EGM will be held to decide on organisational structure and the most appropriate form to remain not for profit and for industry benefit only.  

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